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Oasis at Milan Design Week 2023
Amidst the chaos, hidden gems emerge - tranquil corners and exhibits that evoke a sense of calm and reflection. As I immersed myself in the event, I embarked on a treasure hunt for these spaces.
Oasis at Milan Design Week 2023

What initially appeared as a casual visit to just another event during Milan Design Week was unexpectedly transformed into a pleasant journey for me. I found myself immersed in a world where space, objects, and images intertwined, painting a poetic picture of design and visual storytelling. The location of this encounter was "Studio di Pittura" (SdP) - a gem in the heart of Milan's creative scene.

The octagonal space of private studio of Gianmaria Sforza (SdP).

Owned by Gianmaria Sforza, SdP is a private, octagonal space, usually awash with exquisite natural light. However, for Milan Design Week, it morphed into an arena for artistic expression and exploration. The architect's studio, known for welcoming artists and designers from all over the globe, extended an invitation this time around to Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger.

Collection of simple house objects by Klemens Schillinger.

Schillinger, recognized for his thoughtful and creative approach, developed a site-specific installation. He breathed new life into everyday house objects, subtly reinterpreting their technical elements, and blending them seamlessly with the studio's ambiance.

The photograph captured by Louis De Belle, showcasing the architectural details of a local building, effortlessly infuses the interiors with a captivating essence of the surrounding Milan urban landscape.

The exhibition, aptly titled "musterzimmer," or "pilot room," encapsulated the essence of SdP. More than just a workspace or guest room, SdP is a place for artists and designers to share, experiment, and possibly foster collaborations.

A broom, with a handle inspired by an umbrella part, serves as a playful prompt and reminder for the designer to mindfully care for the space they occupy.

The exhibition truly came to life for me through the photographs by Louis De Belle. His images added a narrative layer, establishing a visual dialogue with Schillinger's designs. The photos resonate with the studio's aesthetics in a nuanced way. My favored snapshot is a compelling close-up of two figures donning subtly contrasting t-shirts. In a playful manner, it hints at the muted tones of the surroundings—gray ceiling and comforting white walls.

Photographs by Louis De Belle prepared for the 'musterzimmer' in "Studio di Pittura".

My subsequent experience is credited to Gabriel Tan, who has a natural knack for bringing together objects that just seem to belong with one another. It's like a quiet performance, where each piece plays a crucial part in setting the perfect mood and tone. Although they're all distinct, these elements blend together seamlessly, creating a shared and enjoyable atmosphere.

"Still Life - the Art of Living" presents 6 expertly selected brands, curated by Gabriel Tan, each showcasing their unique individuality.

The moment I stepped into his "Still Life - the Art of Living" apartment, I felt an immediate sense of relief. It was as if I'd found a hidden calm corner of bustling Milan. The exhibition was nestled within the authentic and intimate home of a Milanese couple in Porta Venezia. Showcasing a diverse range of brands such as Ariake, DUX, Origin Made, mui, Sera Helsinki, and Secto Design, each masterful in their own domain, they all share a common thread - values, philosophies, and sensibilities that bind them together.

Ark Vase by Origin Made arranged in the Ariake Kumiko cabinet.

The new collaboration between Ariake and DUX has resulted in the creation of a new headboard, accompanied by side tables and cabinets. This ensemble is presented alongside the new Telo lamp by Secto Design.

In an age characterized by mass consumption and fleeting trends, these brands carve a distinct identity by embracing the artistry of traditional craftsmanship, beautifully translated into contemporary forms and designs. Their creations not only elevate the quality of everyday products but also enrich daily rituals, fostering a more gratifying way of life.

Brut are the brutalist inspired sculptural objects designed by Philippe Malouin for Origin Made.
The presence of artist Tomek Sadurski's expansive artworks seamlessly enhanced the entirety of the presentation for "Still Art Life - the Art of Living."

Discovering the Bocci apartment in Milan was a valuable and multi-layered impression that left me in awe. Bocci is a brand well-known for pushing the boundaries between craft and art in its design, and their Milan apartment which is the new permanent exposition for a brand, was no exception. The space was a showcase of Bocci's spectacular lighting design, featuring the brand's signature hand-blown glass spheres in various configurations that created stunning installations.

The ambiance of each individual room was shaped by a specific type of lighting solution from the Bocci family.

The apartment's sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere was unexpected, but it perfectly suited Bocci's vision and passion for the craft. While my personal style leans towards minimalism, I couldn't help but be captivated by the boldness and extravagance of the space. It was an indulgent experience that made me feel like I was literally stepping into a work of art.

Garden at the Bocci Milan apartment and permanent showroom was was enhanced by several tree-like lighting installations.

In an elegantly industrial space on a quiet block in Milan, a gallery Ordet with an ambiguous agenda has opened a show of contemporary Korean objects. The "Matter and Function" exhibition provided an experience where time seemed to slow down, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the collection of objects crafted by Leodongil Workshop. As the innovative brainchild of Studio Unravel's founder, the exhibit showcased a diverse array of items, including lamps, tables, and sound systems.

Austere, construction-like objects tread the line between being art installations and functional furniture.

Seeking an alternative outlet for his creativity, Leodongil established his workshop with a focus on prototype designs that didn't conform to the conventional commercial framework of his interior design studio. I believe every creative individual reaches a point where they become oversaturated with commercial projects and long to rediscover the original joy of creation. Driven by a genuine passion for inventing, this pursuit often leads to the development of the most beautiful and captivating works—simple, meaningful, and bold. The "Matter and Function" exhibition at Ordet definitely stands as a testament to this sentiment.

The LWL series, a collection of lights for Fritz Hansen's 150th anniversary exhibition, started with LWL01. Now, the current model is being updated and new designs are underway.
The LWTR series is a collection of tables primarily composed of glass fiber, steel, and aluminium.

DOPO? stands out from the intense Milanese experience due to its location. It is situated in the southeastern neighborhood of Corvetto, occupying a former workshop. The space has been transformed into a collaborative melting pot for Milanese creatives who inhabit the studio.

Loehr products were showcased at DOPO? during the Milan Design Week.

The transformation of the space was carried out by Loehr, one of my favorite Berlin brands, led by brothers David, Leon, and Julian. This brand epitomizes what I admire most: simple and thoughtful detailing, creating exquisite forms and silhouettes that result in valuable furniture pieces that don't blindly follow trends or tendencies. Every aspect is meticulously crafted, leaving no room for accidents or unpredictable elements in their creations.

Loehr decided to showcase some of its newly launched products.

The scenery in the 'Archive of Thoughts' exhibition was thoughtfully designed by the talented Enzo Zak Luxis, who possesses a remarkable ability to artfully incorporate strong colors into the space. These vibrant hues playfully corresponded with the newly launched furniture pieces from Loehr, creating a captivating visual harmony. The clean and geometric forms of lighting by Wastberg further enhanced the overall ambience.

The presentation at  DOPO? was a harmonious synergy of talents, resulting in a seamless and complementary collaboration. The creative minds involved skillfully merged their individual strengths to create a captivating backdrop for the unveiling of Loehr's latest products as well as the newly released international issue of form magazine.

The CHAPTER desk by Loehr is a minimalist, foldable desk, embodying a perfect blend of functionality and sleek design.

At the exhibition, Loehr introduced their latest creation—the STACK shelving system, skillfully designed by Dirk Winkel. Accompanying the shelving system was TRABA, a solid wood dining table designed by David and Julian Loehr. This elegant and timeless piece showcases Loehr's ability to seamlessly blend natural materials with impeccable design.

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