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Embryogenesis by Sage Jenson
Sage Jenson
Embryogenesis by Sage Jenson

In the summer of 2020, Sage set out to synthesize their previous experiments into an emergent virtual organism. They developed new particle behaviors and an artisanal rendering engine. Particles imbued with homeotic potentiality shapeshift into various behavioral species, and give life to a plethora of embryonic stages. In one particular experiment, this amalgamation beget an uncanny offspring, whose particular genetic code has been unreproducible, creating an anomaly, and a treasure.

The only remaining record of this creature is a 4,749 frame video detailing the poignant gaze of its emergent eye. “Embryogenesis” represents a sort of post-partum document to the extinct resonances within the code. Forever trapped in a loop, lost to the symbolic order of memory. It is with a heavy heart that Sage releases their spawn into the wild, but it is the inevitable eventuality of parenthood that children escape the petri dish.

Video (color, silent)
5000 × 5000 pixels
2 minutes 29 seconds

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