1. Fight information pollution.
Access to timeless knowledge.

2. Information is worthless without a purpose. What information you receiving from the world is significant enough? Information with a purpose.

3. Lack of information. Ignorance is a pain, poverty
Deficit of quality/relevant information.

Information pollution. Information shape your reality.

4. Information overload.
What is the best source of my information. What information I specifically need? Timeline.

Whatever information you're feeding your mind on a daily basis and you focus upon consistently, you're going to experience as being what life is really about – and if we don't discipline our fears and control our focus, the world will gladly do it for us. It’s your choice what to focus on. — Tony Robbins

1. No Paywalls.
2. No personal data.
3. Open Access for open web.
4. No stupid algorithms.

What is Open Web?
“Open web” is a sweeping term — it encompasses technical concepts like open-source code and open standards. It also encompasses democratic concepts like free expression and digital inclusion.
But there’s a single underlying principle connecting all these ideas: An open web is a web by and for all its users, not select gatekeepers or governments.

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